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Kelly Stewart


Kelly, a Las Vegas native, attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas where she obtained a Bachelors of Science in Hotel Administration, emphasizing in Meeting and Event Management. She quickly decided to expand her trade knowledge receiving a wedding design certificate at TISOH and become a certified florist.

 2016 she completed New York Institute of Art and Design Interior Design program, and is now nationally recognized DSA Certified Designer.


Kelly credits her accomplishments to the support  from her family and friends. The wife and mother of 3 conquers the design world by creating memorable spaces for Luxury brands, retail shops, commercial  and residential spaces.


"Without the love and support from my husband, family and friends I would not be where I am today. Through schooling, late night setups, long office hours, and even tears; they have stood behind me pushing me to challenge myself and never losing faith in what they knew I could do. I am extremely blessed."' - Kelly Stewart

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